9 Things to check before submitting an application

When it comes to applying for college, your application is a major component of meeting requirements. The application itself is what admissions officers see first. Make sure you get it right! Luckily, ensuring your application is everything it should be isn’t difficult. Check these 10 things before you submit any college application.

1. Follow directions carefully:

One of the most common errors applicants make is simply not following the directions on the application. As you begin filling out your app, be sure that you follow the directions thoroughly.

2. Write legibly:

If you don’t apply online, the first thing that will be noticed is the way you write. Your application should be neat and readable. We strongly urge you to type your essays and all other documents to prevent any issues arising from your messy handwriting.

3. Re-read everything:

Be sure to reread everything you wrote carefully. Doing so will ensure that you don’t send the wrong message because of an error or oversight.

4. Check spelling and grammar:

Spelling and grammar are very important on your college application. Making errors on things you learned in grade school will give a bad impression.

5. Ensure everything is filled out:

Be sure that everything is filled out. You likely won’t have to fill out every section of the application, but you do want to ensure that you complete the portions that are pertinent to your acceptance.

6. Fill it out yourself:

You can get your parents or friends to help you brainstorm if needed, but fill it out yourself. If you allow someone else to write any portion of the document, it will be apparent to the admissions officers.

7. Check the date and signature:

Don’t forget to sign the application and date it correctly. On some documents, the place for the signature will be on the back—don’t forget to look for it!

8. Attach all pertinent information:

Ensure that you attach every document the application requires: your ID, admissions essay, and any other documentation to meet the college admission requirements.

9. Ensure your online application gets submitted:

If you are applying online, be sure that you reach the confirmation page. Save the confirmation e-mail.