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Concepts of Physics

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Physics is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and behavior through space and time.

Essential things to consider about the entrance test preparation.

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Entrance Test preps seem quite a tough job for those who are lazy to study for long hours. It consumes much of the time, so to avoid it.

How to prepare for NUST NET

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How to Prepare for NUST NET written/computer based test commonly known as NUST Entry Test (NET) is an MCQ style test.

How to prepare for NAT

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NAT: NAT - National Aptitude Test, NAT is an aptitude test administered by NTS. NAT scores are used by many of Pakistani institutions

How to prepare for BCAT

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BCAT: stands for Business College Admission Test, conducted for BBA, and other business fields.

How to prepare for ECAT

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ECAT: stands for Engineering College Admission Test, Engineering College Admission Test (ECAT).

How to prepare for MCAT

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MCAT: stands for Medical College Admission Test, The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

How self-assessment test improves your memory

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Self-testing or the self assessment is the practice of retrieving knowledge that warms your mind up.

Effects of Poor Time Management

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TIME IS MONEY, we heard this saying since childhood, from school to college, to the universities and other institutes.