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The smart tips for self studying

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This is particularly true of students that are looking to make the most of their study time and get better grades at school.

How do you train yourself to concentrate better?

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As a student it's hard to concentrate with so many distractions around, well we can’t blame today’s science for the distraction

How do you keep yourself together to study when you're depressed?

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Today, depression is becoming so known due to many issues and different criteria. We are living so called in a “modern”

How to give your best in university interview?

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University’s interview is the major step and plays the heaviest role when it comes to admission.

Myths of entrance test preparation

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There are a lot of misconceptions about entrance test, or another kind of test, people can’t differentiate between a fact or a myth.

Why we believe Self assessment is important?

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Opportunities being a student of Pre-medical

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When a student started his education, he or she have no idea of what they would become, at some age, they start to get attracted

How to gain Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional intelligence, also known as EI or EQ (for Emotional Intelligence Quotient), describes a person's ability to recognize emotions.

Benefits of Reading

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In expressions of fiction or nonfiction, there are myriad stories that can both develop your judgment of the world or help you get through

Dwarfism and Success

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"Nothing is impossible”, we do hear it every time or every mouth just utter the same words like over and over again.

life is Full of Ifs and Buts

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A lot of people have an attitude that involves a lot of “ifs” and “buts”. This kind of attitude often becomes a huge hurdle.

They conquer who believe they can

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"The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.” Now question is that how we achieve.