Choice versus Status of fields

Choices vs status? A big fight in between what says and what heart speaks, this is something we can count in hurdles, after completing study of 12 years of classes here comes a point to fight a battle, of write and wrong, how and what, why and where, and so many bunch of questions you have to gulb with thorns from your throat and convey the messages to heart and mind that BE PREPARE! BE PREPARED! Without knowing what will be the next step you would take.

Ok now let’s have a all about choices, there are different people with different aims. And obviously they were following the path of dream since childhood and when they dreamed that off they hadn't any idea how tragic it will be to get into what they want. As we all know different people different choices and different aims basically. Some choose to go towards humanities, where some choose to go for medicine, some says they love psychology some says they love arts. Some wants to jump in a pool of digits as an accountant, some like to collect flowers and herbs by being a botanist. Some would like to help students as a motivator so they go to entrepreneurships, some like fishes and the beauty of under earth so they choose marine life for study.

In contrast to choices, status play their role as well. Slogan of symbols made by humans and the most funny thing is they CHOOSE these symbols to put them as STATUS. Good old people said, choose what you like and make turn that thing into standard, standard what we all want. I love this saying because I personally believe the same that decision making must be based on choices not on demands and status psyche, what people will say is a myth now, and we should take it as a myth and do what we want in good boundaries of limit.


Normal questions I heard on daily basis, hey you are in humanities what you will do in career it’s a crap, OR hey you have chosen medicine? GOD BLESS YOU, there will be no earnings in future and you're giving much tough time to it, OR hey you took arts as major? Majority people with poor intelligence choose arts. WELL I CAN’T STOP PEOPLE SAYING ANYTHING LIKE THESE KIND OF STUFF as we all can’t tape up the mouths of many, cause we can’t and it’s a poor reality that we can’t do anything and instead of shutting their mouths we have to take step on our own and make that bold saying true that people own set examples.

I here give you one example regarding my field, I met two doctors individually, asked both the same question that ‘HEY, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME THE SCOPE OF MEDICINE?’, one answered: I made the life’s greatest decision to be in medicine and working as a heart surgeon, today I am able to make enough money if you are asking regarding daily life patterns and I am so good at surgering people and other senior doctors use to say this, and if you ask me what would be the feels of doing work for others and give them a hope of living is just wonderful and unexplainable happiness I feel all the time, it’s just a peace after the storm of those last years. Basically years of study with a slight laugh. I asked the same question to second DR, he replied with frustration and said I made the worst decision to spoil my good years in medicine, I wasn't interested in medicine at all as I wanted to be a singer and parties all over I liked but my father insisted me to do study medicine because my family members are all doctors or some of them are engineers but no one is a singer out there and my father used to say you’re the only piece of shit who love singing, all turn towards status and what people will say your son is a singer or an artist no way go and study medicine. I ended up choosing STATUS and it ruined my life totally, now I have no job in hand and I can’t even sing better because I am half way old and so many opportunities as I have to run my family anyhow, so I am working as an assistant so I found no scope of medicine until you choose it all by your heart.

My last paragraph cleared all the misunderstandings regarding scope, choices, standards, and status, for the one who have some clear vision I want to say one thing and that is: