Don't work hard, work Smart!

Almost everyone in the world including us is doing and practising hard work or to meet the last boundary of hard work. We work hard in our jobs so we can excel at work. We are working hard to maintain our relationships. We are working hard to achieve the best results in our life. After working hard for an extended period of time, there comes a point when we realize that there’s only so much we can do by working hard. Don’t get me wrong, working hard is important. I’m a firm advocate of hard work I also am a workaholic type of person. I can go on working non-stop to get something done if I would have something in mind.

Hard work is definitely the brick of success. where you have 24 hours to work hard like everyone else does manage to adjust some good hours to work smart and see the difference whether it could save time or not to get the maximum value for your time and effort. Working hard might give the good results but what if we do SMART plus HARD work to get up to what we actually want.

Hard work: More efforts but less work.

Smart work: Fewer efforts but more work.


what is your vision? what are the objectives you play around to see the objective as your direction, and your vision as your destination? set them as the way I questioned them, Know your objectives and so the vision that helps you to know where to travel in while knowing your vision helps you charge forward.


There are an unlimited number of things you can do to accomplish a goal. Go for the most important tasks the ones that cause the highest impact. For example in school, I would not attend lectures if I felt they would not make a difference to my learning. As I develop my blog, I examine on the key tasks that make the most difference such as writing high-quality content for my readers and spreading the word about my articles.


We sometimes or many times have to face the roadblocks, do work on them but only if they are worth the time and effort. Or, jump them off like they were meant nothing but the dirt you skipped. But, For this kind of well being you have to consciously measure out the pros and cons first. Don’t try to hook up against every obstacle you face, especially if there’s nothing much on the other side.


Sometimes, waiting may be the best solution. Things resolve themselves when you wait for a little while longer. I have experienced fixes that rectify themselves when I waited a while longer. If you are pricked in a difficulty, new solutions may jump in if you rest your steps.


Most of us prefer to do things by ourselves and not disturb others or some of us have a problem with our ego's to get dictated or so but, there's nothing wrong to seek the help of good advisors and of those whom we adore or love. That’s a great work ethic. hundred of people love to help. Ask and you might get an answer. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get.