Hack your marks

You have an important test coming over, the one that you really want to chase? And, do you want to improve your grades? There are so many tricks that need to be practised on the daily basis, which can improve your chances of getting high marks on a test. This blog will help you in examining, analysing and solving your queries, so read on!

First of all, pay attention to your lectures. This will be the best thing you can do to raise your test numbers. Engaging your mind hike or not showing up at all are both likely to make you drop out on key information that will later appear on exam paper.

Prepare good notes. This is another important step if you want to make it easier when studying later. Write the information down as it will help you in learning and it helps you in absorbing the information and paying attention in class or to lectures more, and, you'll have a reference for when you go to study later.

Practice more and more. Direct your teacher or go online and take a few practice tests. Taking a practice test will help you to figure out how much information you have versus how much information you need. Know your weak points before a critical test.

Study like a gem. You may know that different people have different learning styles. Some people are visual learners, some people prefer the music, some need physical motion like walking, and so on. The basic point is to know what kind of your motion would help you in studying like a gem. For example, if you learn better by doing things, try to walk and be comfortable in your learning style. If you learn better with music, listen to music while you study. If you're a visual learner, make a chart of the information you have to know and cut them off after doing them.

Use water as a source of energy. Getting dehydrated during a test can be so disturbing and distracting and reduce your capacity to think clearly. Stay hydrated before your test and bring a bottle of water with you to the test as well.

Find out clues. Sometimes the answer to a question can be within in another question on the test. Look at other answers or questions to help in running your memory.

Never leave a question blank. Correct or incorrect just go with the flow and write the answer down. Whatever you think 'the answer must be this or should be this (when comes to logical question), but do not leave the place of answer blank. Skip the questions only when negative marking is applied.

Use mnemonics and other tricks. Multiple memory tricks really can be useful for learning certain things like numbers, sections, and lists. Just make sure that you learn them accurately. Mnemonics are expressions which can help you remember the sequence of certain things. For example, "Katy Perry Came Over For Great Songs" is a great way to remember the biological classifications (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species).