How colleges can help Students to develop a greater sense of Purpose

One of the prominent challenges for every human is to find meaning and direction in our lives and the real purpose of spending it, and it is important to today’s students. This generation is among the first to want to connect the personal and professional to find meaning and purpose in their careers, not just in their personal lives. While getting a purpose for life one had to begin thinking greater prospects in their personal lives. After they are through with the process of self-assessment they should attend a student counselling centre around the globe to attain or achieve their goals. A major part of the sense of purpose is attained by the colleges we use to attend.


In my perception, it’s the student who must substantiate their purposes about future goals. Students want their career to be aligned with their personal aspirations and dreams, but all struggle with how to do that. It’s something college's challenge students to think about, “What Matters to Me and Why.” “That process of asking those big questions should start in college. A great way to build toward that authentic life is to start using the services at the Career Center early, rather than waiting until you might be ready to find an internship.


The Career Center can help with developing skills like interviewing and resume writing, but the staff also helps students to assess their interests and skills, and how they might make the best choices accompanying the way for the career of their dreams to connect with that judgment of purpose. Self Discovery or self-exploration gives much more to experience than creating a class schedule and making plans. This is your opportunity to explore what inspires you, drives you, and gives you personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Not to mention finding a community that shares your interests. Set aside some time to: Explore subjects: take a class outside your major, just out of curiosity. You may discover a passion for the oboe or a knack for number theory you never knew you had.


Just show up: You don’t need to make a reservation, know someone who knows someone, or slip a ten to a bouncer. Student organisations host events all over campus, and yes, you’re absolutely welcome to attend.


Remember: wellness is about finding the value in the complexity of living. So, in my opinion, the career counselling centres should the main focus in the colleges to make the student aware of the pros and cons because this gives students a greater sense of purpose in students for high achievements and greater will power can help students develop a greater sense of purpose.