How self-assessment test improves your memory

Self-testing or the self assessment is the practice of retrieving knowledge that warms your mind up, improve your memory to remind all the things which you have studied before. You may benefit from testing yourselves as you give attempts by online or off-line self-assessment tests.

most of the students are more alert to invest their time in making notes and revising them again and again but for you, it would be of great worth when you practice your retrieval knowledge through self-assessment tools.

Ultimately, when students don’t keep assessing themselves just because they think that they remember the answer very well just by looking at the question, they face the tough time. It is just an illusion which takes you away from the better results.

many psychologists found in their study that student learns more through practicing the knowledge by giving themselves the trial of self-assessment test that even consume a little of time.Resultantly they become able to achieve the targeted goals.If you practice retrieving knowledge continuously, it will enhance your memory and produce a big gain of knowledge plus long-term memory up to the level for which you dreamt so for..


Long-term learning is only possible when you keep revising and attempting your every test.

The formula of high excellence is study-test-test-test= excellence.

it will boost your recalling memory more than 80%.

there is three major benefits to improve your memory through self-assessment.

Smarter study:

Realize the weakness and strength:

Knowledge growth hackings:

1-Genuine practice:

practice maketh a man perfect. by practicing all the knowledge which you have learned through study stuff during learning will create huge chances to get accomplished. It is the necessity of short time to make it worth used. When you will put your efforts in memorizing the notes, practice of them will prove to be the best option to do.


2-Time management during self-assessment:

Time has much to add in your life- keeping challenging yourself time by time by giving the self-attempts. Self-attempt may teach you to stick to the time when you are in the exam hall. Most of the time it seems that during examination due to confusion and lake of practice, student could not utilize the given time effectively.


3-Confidence boost up:

Enhance your confidence by getting the rewards of highest score. This continuous practice will keep your mind busy in recalling major information about what you study. When you will reward yourself with high score your confidence will be enhanced and success will be assured.