How to apply in Szabist Karachi.

Applying for university is an essential step, every dream is constructed on many bases, and the first most step is choosing up the field, once you choose up the field with balanced criteria, here, another step is required to take, which university you have to go for your course, and according to your field, here you have to make up your decisions like very carefully, decision making is not the easiest step, but same as it is not that difficult, when you made up the decision carefully and with every characteristic, finance, time, family scenarios and all. After that you will have to prepare for entry test, (If necessary), and just by then you will have an interview, meetings, and so on, when you’ll get selected by the team or faculty, there are further steps of fulfilling the demands of university, all paper works and another kind of major demands.


SZABIST: Is a business management program is notably listed as top ranking by the publication Business Week and is ranked among other noticeable science institutions by CNN & Time as well as Asiaweek.


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How to Apply in following Programs at SZABIST

Undergrad Programs

Graduate Programs

  • EMBA

  • MBA

  • MBA (Banking & Finance)

  • MS (Computer Science)

  • MS (Education Leadership and Management)

  • MS (Media Sciences)

  • MS (Management Sciences)

  • MS (Social Sciences)

  • Masters in Project Management

  • Master of Advertising

  • Ph.D

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  • PICK FIELD CAREFULLY: There’s nothing worse than picking a course and then realizing that your favorite subjects from A-Level are nowhere to be seen in it.


  • BALANCE EVERYTHING: Hyunjung recalls: “I spent too much time studying so I felt like I wish I’d joined a society or a club and learned something new. You need good time management – do things you enjoy, but find the right balance between studying and socializing.”


  • APPEAR IN INTERVIEW WITH POSITIVE ATTITUDE: When you will have a call for an interview, this is important to have a positive attitude within you, until you’re so positive about your goals, you must be not able to take a correct and accurate decision. And it seems to confuse your own self, and everything just messed up, so be positive and don’t fear failure.


  • DECISION MAKING: Choose your field you want to specialise in, make up your decision, collect the factors, question yourself until you’ll have a satisfying feedback of your own response, family and finance criteria, and most important thing is, once you made the decision, stick to it and be passionate about what you want to do.


  • KEEP AN EYE ON WEBSITES: Once you made up the decision, selected your field, go for further proceeding step, visit the website and find out whether you are applicable by every means, or there is something more they asked for. Here you will have many