How to choose passionate field

Whenever we talk about passion, only one thing comes to my mind, as I strongly believe, it’s a fire, fire of soul, fire in mind, fire that needs no water but blood, and hard work, you will get what you want but for this you must have to be so passionate, there are a lot of fields and subfields of great lines, such as MEDICAL, ENGINEERING, COMPUTER SCIENCES, COMMERCE, FINANCE, ACCOUNTANT, HOME ECONOMICS, and much more, one wants to go for medicine, one wants to go for pharmacy, one wants to be a software engineer, one set goals for mechanical engineering, one hopes to be in chartered accountant, one choose to be in economics department, and not only via education we chase passion, but here we also talk about kind of skills, like PHOTOGRAPHY, BLOG WRITING, CONTENT MANAGEMENT, COOKING, VIDEOGRAPHY, GRAPHIC EDITINGS, and so on, but the most important point is for every kind of skills, for every field you choose, and for every line you wants to be in, PASSION IS A KEY OF EVERY CHOICE, ignition of goals, once you choose to be passionate enough about your dream, goal, skills, or field, you would chase it with so much intense and light, you would have your aim or goal in your hand like a dream comes true.

Here! The question arises, how to choose a passionate field? and how would we know that we want that with passion? and if we would have multiple choices, then how it would become comfortable to choose the most ambitious one?


It’s one of the most important steps, to discover your strength, once you recognised your skills it would be easy to choose a field you have command in, skills become your strength but once you need to find out what’s yours, and what kind of skills you have, this initial step would help you to be in your passionate field.


It’s easy to talk about career, but it’s quite difficult to stick with it until you have the passion for it, career orientation can be defined as an activity-based, occupational awareness course. It is designed to provide students with a realistic picture of themselves and the world of work, one should be career oriented enough to achieve their goals.


Decision making is another essential step one should take with so much care, and by following kind of thoughts, there are a lot of hurdles take place while decision making for your own field, you may have to look financially, family choice, and other circumstances but that’s what a challenge is, that how would you handle it, and make one good decision.


Term realistic I used, not because there is something wrong to fantasies things and dreams, but because there’s no fantasy take place until you work hard, be realistic enough to fulfil your fantasies. And be flexible to accept any kind of challenge, any kind of hurdle, and choose to solve problems with flexibility.


HARD WORK! HARD WORK!, it seems like repeating of something, something that’s very important, something which allows you to move forward faster, something is hard work, with so much passion, and here you’ll achieve your intended goal, and whatever you dreamed off.