How to give your best in university interview?

University’s interview is the major step and plays the heaviest role when it comes to admission, I heard from so many students that interview is about your past`knowledge, but that’s simply a myth I can say that, I personally had an interview before getting admission into the university, and what I’ve experienced with the interview thing, it was based on simple, logical and information based question, it’s an interaction call between student upcoming one and teachers, a meeting that indirectly tells about you, and about your some personal interests and acknowledge them regarding the whole personal situations, including, finance, home management, your likes, dislikes, if like then why, if don’t then what’s the reason behind? Everything is included in that interaction call, most frequent and the important question is ‘why you are applying for this university?’ and ‘why you are choosing this field?’, these two questions are the basic questions, and these will decide whether you are really capable or passionate about the admission or not. Here some of the factors, that play the great role in admission process and make great impression on your interview. Let’s have a discussion on it.



Select your dress code, one with good, flexible colour, one will enhance your personality, and give boost to your confidence, wear sharp colours that interact them to notice, not so casual, not so fancy, it must be in between both, if you’re healthy, wear dark colour, and short prints, to look slimmer, if you’re skinny, then wear light colors, with big patterns, so you’ll look heavy.


Be prepared for your turn, head up, fix the heart rate, head up and chase it with full zeal, and be content with your passion.


Be confident enough to answer them so nicely, look straight into the eyes of coordinator or one who is taking your interview, ba calm, and sit straight, don’t bend, or it will lose the look of your confident personality.


Do not cross your legs, bend down your back and, cross your hands, playing with fingers, these are the anxiety factors and they are the most common cause to fail in interview, because it delivered the impression of not being passionate or confident enough to chase your dreams.


Don’t bother what kind of language impress your teacher, just be yourself, and answer them in that language which makes you feel comfortable, whatever it is, or for better skills or impression learn languages before appearing in interview.




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