How to overcome the exam stress?

Exam stress! This term is very familiar to every student who is going through it or has passed this situation. A major cause of the exam stress is, having a big fear of failure or getting lower ranks. Other causes may include unawareness of subject/syllabus criteria, not having good time management skills or unavailability of proper study material.

many psychologist and scientist have proved this that before exam days, student’s temperament ultimate changes. s/he passes from three conditions which are necessary to be controlled such as:

1-low motivational level

2-lake of concentration due to fear

3-Feeling inferior to others

4-fear of losing the competition with other fellows.

These all things create a very stressful situation for the student. Due to this, s/he could not focus on the studies well even they work hard. Here are some tips to adopt to release your exam stress.


Start preparing for the day to day study:

if you have passed one exam and you couldn’t achieve the highest rank or you failed any of that paper, don’t get depressed. Start regrouping for the next exam. And keep in mind failure is another chance to try best to achieve the success. By doing this you will have plenty of time to study well and to consult with you teachers or your seniors where ever you get confused.


Pre-planned ideas about the study:

whenever you get in into the exam preparation, you have to form the pre-planned ideas sheet about, what topics and subjects you have to cover first and how you will cover them. (either by group study or by self-study)


Design your questions and answers first:

if you think you are getting difficulty in coping up with the tough and detailed question. Start preparing notes and outlines of that questions. This will help you in reducing stress when exams are about to head.


Make a chart to put facts and figures on it:

this technique will help you to remember the dates and facts immediately. This will help you to make revision at the very last couple of movement before leaving for the exam.


Avoid cramming:

cramming is just a short-cut to avoid the conceptual regular study. It will only benefit you for a very short time period. So the best thing for you is to avoid it and go for detailed but smart study. Search out the study material that is interlinked with your subject and conceptualise them rather cramming them.


Join study circle:

surround yourself with the best mates to have the discussion about the topics. Group discussion is always fruitful for those whose mind effectively capture the conceptual idea and whose listening skill is more active.


Know your weakness:

before starting an exam preparation, first of all, make the list of those subject in which you are weak enough. Understand your week points and follow the strong motivation to remove the weakness out of your study. Consult with any teacher to help you out, and try to remove all those things which are diverting your focus from your study.


Bring consistency into your study schedule:

set your time, set your targets and try to achieve them in the limited time by utilising strong time management skills. If you are capable of doing this regularly, you will find the best results in the end. Consistency is very necessary to make you habitual of progressing effectively on the regular basis.


Keep testing yourself:

self-assessment will help you to make the idea about, how much you are ready for attempting an exam. Testing yourself time by time will give you flashbacks of what you studied. This continuous practice will improve your memory and make you able to overcome the hesitation and forgetfulness of your subject at the exam day.


Get benefits by using Cognitive behavioural theory:

you always have very limited time to get prepare for the exams and it may lead to the stress or depression what you need to do is to remind yourself that you can do the best. This positive attitude will bring brightness into your heart to work more heartedly and willfully to achieve the target in a very short period of time.


Stay optimistic:

being optimistic is a great support to stay in the competition because you get well aware of the results before it is announced. Your positivity will ensure you that you are going to have very bright results in the end. So think about the time after the exam that you are going to be happier by having the excellent results.


Believe in yourself:

nothing can be wrong if you are determined to put your efforts in the best way. yours believe will make your victory possible by all means.


Take breaks and have a good Exercise:

during the study, you should take breaks to avoid the tiredness and stressful condition. This 5-10 minutes break, you can utilise by going out or performing any activity that may release you from stress and make you comfortable. in this condition, you can have a physical exercise session as well. The psychical workout also makes you free from stress and will give you mental strength.