How to prepare for NAT

Entrance exams are a required step in education systems all around the world. Schools of all levels use entrance exams to determine whether students are qualified for admittance to the course, school, college, or university. Often, a great deal of pressure is put on students to do well on entrance exams, it takes a lot of hard work to prepare for entrance exams but along with hard work, knowing some tips and tricks can only benefit your preparation. Remember, cracking an entrance exam is not about hard work but about doing your best in the examination hall.


NAT: NAT - National Aptitude Test, NAT is an aptitude test administered by NTS. NAT scores are used by many of Pakistani institutions as an evaluation criteria factor for admission in Bachelor and Master level admissions. National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admissions in NTS Associated Universities/ DAIs. The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to all universities in the respective subject group. The candidates will be required to apply for admission in the universities as per their respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS Result Card. The Result of the NAT will be valid for ONE YEAR.

Every student have kind of test anxiety, some face paper without stress and some face with full of sweat, and different symptoms, known as stress.

There are some stress busters, addressed below:


  • Engage in deep breathing for 2-5 minutes.

  • Tense and relax different muscle groups.

  • Engage in guided imagery for a few minutes.

  • Try to describe the anxiety.

  • Aerobic exercise will help you to release anxiety and excess energy and, as a result, reduce body tension.

  • Engage in positive self-talk.


-CONTROL YOUR MIND: The very first step you need to take is controlling your mind via relaxation, relax yourself by eliminating 'IFs', stop questioning yourself, like what if I would fail the exam? What if I would forget the stuff?
Calm down and think you're able enough.

-BE PREPARED: Prepare well with good management of time, remember that 'success begins where comfort zone ends.'

-BE CONFIDENT: Prepare yourself like a pro, and be confident to chase your goal. 'Yes I Can Do It', stick yourself with this slogan.

-THINK POSITIVE: Once you've done with your preparations, try to stable it with your positive mindset, that you'll ace your exam. Positive thinking helps you to build up your memory.

-PICTURE YOUR GOALS: Rethink why you started whenever you're so near to lose, and can't handle the condition of being in anxiety state, stay motivated and rethink with passion.