How to prepare for NUST NET

Entrance exams are a required step in education systems all around the world. Schools of all levels use entrance exams to determine whether students are qualified for admittance to the course, school, college, or university. Often, a great deal of pressure is put on students to do well on entrance exams, it takes a lot of hard work to prepare for entrance exams but along with hard work, knowing some tips and tricks can only benefit your preparation. Remember, cracking an entrance exam is not about hard work but about doing your best in the examination hall.


NET: Admission to engineering undergraduate courses in NUST is granted through written entrance examinations. NUST written/computer based test commonly known as NUST Entry Test (NET) is a MCQ style test. The test is held three times a year. A student can attempt the admission test for all three times, however only the highest score would be counted for admission. Admission to master and PhD programs is based primarily on an interview along with a written test in most cases. The basic requirement for admission in undergraduate program is FSc Pre-Engineering and ICS for getting admission in Engineering, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Architecture.


BEST PREPARATION CENTRE: Prepare like you would for any standardized test. If you need assistance, enlist the help of test preparation centers present everywhere in the city. You will also find a plethora of free and fee-based test preparation services on the internet.

REMIND YOUR PASSION: Rethink why you started whenever you're so near to lose, and can't handle the condition of being in anxiety state, stay motivated and rethink with passion.

GROUP STUDY: study with your friend, either one or group of friends, via social networking or home studies, due to this, somewhere competition take place, and where there's competition arrive, we'll always wanted to chase it and it's a human nature nothing’s weird, that's how it boost up your motivation towards study goals.

PARTY TIME: Imagine that time you'll live up after exam with full of happiness and stress free routine, plan movies and party themes, it helps you to reduce stress and in gain of provoking attitude towards studies of during time.

STAY CONFIDENT: Prepare yourself like a pro, and be confident to chase your goal. 'Yes I Can Do It', stick yourself with this slogan, Once you've done with your preparations, try to stable it with your positive mindset, that you'll ace your exam. Positive thinking helps you to build up your memory.