How to relax you mind after studying

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the stress and worry of our personal lives that our minds become too jumbled to operate effectively. This is especially dangerous in a test-taking situation. After hours of reading and studying, our brains can lock up in a state of overload. In a stressful situation, it’s often necessary to clear your mind completely to allow your brain to refresh itself and re-calibrate all of its functions.

Studying is can be hard while sitting in the chair for hours and it create chronic pains and disorders in the students. It will be felt obnoxious but it’s true that every student must have healthy and strong physique because study can drain your mind, and can dehydrate you. Consecutively sitting on the chair with head down gives chronic pain by sleeplessness and backbone issues. Students must study for hour or two in a way that their muscles do not contract at maximum level.

If you're at school, see if you can put your head down somewhere or find an empty room or quiet space. If necessary, set a watch (or phone) alarm or ask a friend to tap you on the shoulder at a designated time.

This place will be different for different people. Have you ever been to the beach watching the waves come in and realized you’ve “zoned out” for a while? This is the sort of experience you’re looking for. When you sit still, your body systems are at rest. Moving your body helps wake up your mitochondria, the part of your cells that generate energy. Taking a brisk walk several times per week can make your mitochondria double in size, which helps the body produce more energy.

The combination of fresh air and exercise also stimulates blood flow to the brain so you can re-gain clarity and focus. "If you're stuck on a problem or are having difficulty thinking creatively, getting up and walking around can give you a completely different perspective”. And if you can't get outside for a walk, do laps or two around the room or even stretch at your desk. Just moving your body helps to relax you mind and reboots your mind to work and study again.