How to spend a night before an exam day

“Planning is always necessary to make the things easy for you”


Exam preparation needs very hard and effective efforts to bring excellence. When you start preparing for the exam, the hectic strives may fade you up. Ultimately that result into tiredness at the end of the day. What you need to do is to reward yourself with multiple things one night before the exams that feed you with the relaxation.

here are some tips to perform a night before the exam day.

Eat properly:

Most probably student forgets to eat during the study which is not good for your health. You have to stay energetic for which you should follow the regular schedule of your meal. This will make you relax and confident on the next morning.

Pick up a selective study hour:

Pick a selective hour to revise whole underlines of your notes before sleeping. Give a quick read to all the questions and the answer which you have made before going/ tucking up to bed.

Avoid cramming:

Cramming at the last night or the few hours before the test will not be helpful for your exam. it may possibly be the cause of forgetting all that you have memorised for your test. At the same time reviewing with your friend may help you a lot to recall all the things which you have discussed together.

Release your tension:

Exam days create a stressful situation that makes you weak and slows down your confidence. To release your stress and the pressure of next day’s exam do whatever make you laugh and happy, watch your favourite comedy show or listen to music for few minutes. After getting relax go for collecting all the stuff which you need for tomorrow.

Get you all things done for the next day:

Press your clothes and hang them up. Collect all the study material or the things you need while attempting your test. It will save your time in the morning as to get immediately ready to leave for the exam.

Set your time to wake you up in the morning:

After collecting all the stuff and putting it into your bag. Go for setting an alarm that helps you to wake up early in the morning. Morning revision will help you to recall all that you have memorised so for.

Get a sound sleep:

Before half hour of your sleeping time dim all the lights of your room. As your mind feel calm and relax to have a good night sleep. Put all the things at side exceptional of alarm, other things may become the cause of disturbance while you are in deep sleep.

Avoid hesitation:

Don’t be hesitate when you enter into the exam hall. Have a good exercise of your breath, inhale and exhale 5 times. Feel relax and stay motivated. These activities will boost your confidence up. And you can easily take the start of your paper.