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In Pakistan, the higher education system includes the public, private, military, and vocational universities, all accredited by the HEC.


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The campus of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is famous for multicultural environment, from hijabista women to pop lovers

How to Take Revision Before Examination

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Revision can actively engage you in the successful studies. You may add a revision session into your timetable as you can measure.

Learning by Teaching-The Effective Source to Reach at The Excellence

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Learning by teaching or teaching by learning is an interconnecting process. What comes first, this is the question?

Effects of social networking

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Social networking has its advantages and its disadvantages like everything else does. The sites are continuously advancing

Right time to study

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Here in this world of technology, students find many distractions in the way of the study. Students cannot focus

HEC Entry Test Pattern-Test Details-Subjects

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HEC Entry Test is the country's first government testing body established by Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Use of Neuroplasticity & your amazing brain

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Neuroplasticity is the study that refers to the brain’s ability to change throughout life. The human brain is not a plastic.

Priorities to Add in Your Study Plan

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Making study plan will enhance your motivation and give you the courage to attempt your best in studies.

The Secrets About the Active Memory

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Memory is the most important function of our brain that helps us to remember the things for a long time.

Stop Procrastination in the Study

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Actually, the procrastination is not a natural phenomenon but it’s an adaptive behavior for particular things.

How to Survive in The Final Exams?

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The final test in the examination to the key chance to cover the gap of study which you have created during the whole semester.