Scholarships after 12th class

Scholarships are the instruments for helping towards the education and learning of students. They are provided for candidates engaged in college education, analysis, and technical expertise. The importance of scholarships is so high that even educational institutes, governments and the sponsors are intensely interested due to the hidden benefits. Scholarships, in general, encourage students to think of further studies. While for an education institute, scholarships provide extra funds and also help students with their enrollment. For the sponsors, these scholarships bring fame, good will in the public and also tax benefits from the government.

List of Scholarship Funding Agencies, NGO's , Foundations in Pakistan providing Study Funds and Scholarships:-

1: Hashoo Foundation Scholarship Program

2: Al khidmat foundation

3: Qauid Azam Aligarh Trust Scholarship

4: Provincial governments scholarships in GIKI on need basis…/Undergraduate/AidAndScholarships

5: Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

6: NGO YLP (Youngs leaders Programme)

7: dalda foundation scholarship

8: Fauji Foundation Scholarships…/welfa…/stipends/stipend-categories

9: Student Loan Scheme

10: Pakistan Engineering Congress Scholarships

11: PEEF Scholarships

12: NTS Scholarships…/NTS_Scholarship/scholarship.php

13: Alfalah Scholarship Scheme

14: IBA Talent Hunt Program

15: LUMS NOP Program

16: Diya Pakistan Funds

17: USAID Scholarships…/USAIDFunded…/Pages/Introduction.aspx

18: Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd. Talent Scholarship…/

19: Scholarships from 'Bismillah Bibi and Mrs. Talat Jamil Scholarship trust

20: Karwan e Ilm Foundation

21: gurmani foundation

22: Shell Pakistan Scholarships…/local-initiatives/scholarship.html

23: National ict scholarship program