Set your values

Defining Your Values

When you describe your personal values, you realize what's truly appropriate to you. A good way to do this is to look back on your life

What Is The Value Of Learning?

Learning is collecting new knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, preferences or understanding, and may involve manufacturing different types of data. We learn from experience, education, sharing and much of the method involves a conversation with others or ourselves.

It’s our choice

Each of us can learn something new every day. In reality, the only thing hindering us from learning is a simple choice not to learn. We can develop our minds and give ourselves exposure, raise our dormant and promote a greater conclusion of the world and ourselves. Learning is the great equalizer for all people and the choice to not learn can make us a smaller person and restrict what we can do.

Society’s role v/s your opportunities

Events have allowed some to learn things faster and not that easier, but there is no limit on people that stop them from increasing insight and knowledge into any topic of concern, other than themselves. Each day is a chance to learn something.

Distractions deter learning

Distraction can become an obstacle in learning. We are attacked with distractions throughout the day, from mindless fun on the television, computer screen or smartphone, we can be distracted from taking the time to learn something new. These constant interruptions and distractions keep our minds filled with flashing lights and keep us away from the real means of finding. If you took just a count of the time that is spent on these activities and applied it to learning something, think what you could achieve.

The problem in educational systems

The problem of our educational system is playing a part in destroying learning skills as well. Learning should be the most interesting thing a person practices, yet most when performing their schooling are left requiring to stay far away from the learning process. How can we leave places of extraordinary learning and not want to learn more about everything?

Our society seems to talk about education being necessary, but then turns around and puts strict restrictions on the information that can be taught and even stricter limits on how a person can collect information. It is clear that people learn in various ways and that has nothing to do with facts. Imagine what we could do with a whole generation of thinkers who feel a sense of self-worth? A generation that feels empowered with the knowledge that they are able to learn anything they want and are appreciated for the unique individual they are.