Stories of successful women

Dreams kept paving the road to success for these women. There are many things, that one girl goes through, she needs to see the surroundings, care about family decision, bows down her head on the parent’s choices, she needs to look after cold and hot situations, thick and thin feels, hard and rough thoughts, and still she has the capability to make it big.

Let’s go through the highlight of the stories of those women, who will make everyone of us think twice before giving up.

Ayesha Farooq

PAKISTAN'S first female fighter pilot, a woman with high potential and courage. You will see her in a military attire and olive green HIJAB, with sophisticate eases, even though she works in such a testosterone-fuelled profession.

Ayesha has been involved in purging Waziristan off Taliban strongholds and is a hero in her own right for risking her life for the security and safety of Pakistan. She still maintains close links with her faith and culture yet is breaking taboos and cultural norms by chasing this profession.

Muniba Mazari

I first saw Muniba on her show, and then on instagram, I found her to be the most beautiful lady, the very first thought captured in my mind, ‘ Damn! What a inspiring lady she is.’  Her summarised smile and positive energy  would often pale her wheelchair into insignificance. We live in a society where being disabled is kind of a curse, we don’t want to understand how much pain they’re already bearing, throughout all the hardships MUNIBA stood up for her determination, and what a stand she took on ‘what’ she believe she can, she totally changed the scenario of being disabled, she is not only an artist but she is a wonderful entrepreneur, and she is spreading electrical sparkles to the darkest areas of Pakistan, and motivating those people who belongs to darkest past. She became a paraplegic following a tragic road traffic accident but instead of wallowing in perpetual grief, she showcases her paintings on her blog, Muniba’s Canvas and stands tall. She also visited the survivors of the APS tragedy in various hospitals and is a strong advocate of children’s rights and education. I am expecting greater accolades from Muniba in the years to come and wish her success in her endeavours.

Shazia Parveen

Shazia Parveen, 25 years old, belongs to a village. She is a woman who knows how to regrow plant as she saw since her childhood that particular thing, she stated these words after she has become a first firefighter woman. “I wanted to serve the people, no woman had done it before and I wanted to prove it could be done.” she also stated that those with whom she works in firefighter association, they all have been supporting. While she was having society’s critics, and those hard circumstances, hardships, those unwanted words, and those knife nib attacking sarcasms, constantly, she didn’t care about them and this is what became her strength.

Parveen stated: “Women prefer to be rescued by women and they don’t want to be touched by men they don’t know.”

Samina Baig

Samina Baig, third pakistani who climbed MOUNT EVEREST, and the only Pakistani woman who has done this, the Pakistani mountaineer in these days on the quest to conquer the towering K2 this summer. However, she got injured while she was climbing as a rock hit her. But she stood up again, and worked her injury out. She stated that: don’t give up is the only slogan you must have to take with you, as the mountaineer seemed to recuperate, on 19th May 2013, Samina Baig made headlines when she climbed up to the top of Mount Everest with Indian twin girls “Tashi and Nungshi Malik”. It was a historic moment for the world to witness when they planted the national flags of their countries India and Pakistan side by side, at the top to show everybody the unity we need. Her brother Mirza Ali frequently accompanies her on her climbing expeditions.