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How to start your first day at University?

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The first day of a university might be confident but somewhere in between what we thought and what the reality would be is

Don't work hard, work Smart!

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Almost everyone in the world including us is doing and practising hard work or to meet the last boundary of hard work.

How colleges can help Students to develop a greater sense of Purpose

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One of the prominent challenges for every human is to find meaning and direction in our lives and the real purpose of spending it.

Common health problems student face

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Mental health issues majority of times start at the very early age of students or later in teenagers.

Hack your marks

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You have an important test coming over, the one that you really want to chase? And, do you want to improve your grades?

How to teach yourself

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If you observe the people who are succeeding in this new digital world of work, you’ll notice they have something in common.

How to relax you mind after studying

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It’s often necessary to clear your mind completely to allow your brain to refresh itself and re-calibrate all of its functions.

Hustle to make yourself

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Your road to success is going to have its turns, bumps, potholes, and detours. So be well aware of the following tough truths.

Living a life VS creating a life

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‘ Making money isn’t hard in itself…What is hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one’s life too.’

Chinese educational system

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A good education has always been extremely appreciated in China. This focus on learning continues to be important in Chinese society.

Why Do We Have Irregular Verbs?

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Most irregular verbs exist as remnants of historical conjugation systems. "Irregular" describes something that does not adhere to established rules.

Redesign self assessment

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SELF ASSESSMENT OR SELF JUDGEMENT is to know where one is standing. Where are you standing? Let's find out.