Tips for healthy routine

“Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.”
– Albert Einstein

It may sound odd that we must organize and simplify so that we can allow for flexibility and less rigidity, but it turns out to be true. Sometimes due to lack of planning, the daily routines become overwhelming, and we aren’t able to enjoy the many wonderful offerings of pleasurable experiences that come our way unexpectedly throughout the week. Once we know that healthy meals are prepped for, the laundry is done, necessary appointments are scheduled, gas is in the car and the house resembles a welcoming abode, we can then relax a bit and enjoy ourselves and not feel that if we sit down for ten minutes, we should feel guilty.

1. Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Being well rested is the key to maintaining high energy, reducing weight, beautiful skin and keeping a clear mind. Even on the weekends, while it may sound absurd, do your best to stay within your routine. When your body is tired, it will speak to you. Listen to it and each day will go much more smoothly allowing you to be better prepared for those unexpected moments that you hadn’t planned.

2. Clean the dishes before going to bed. Since you know you’ll be eating breakfast in your kitchen the next morning, leave it ready-to-go by loading and washing the dishwasher, placing leftovers in the proper containers and wiping off the countertops. It will save you time in the morning and eliminate the dread of having to clean it in the morning.

3. Have a breakfast routine. It may sound dull, but during the workweek stick to simple, healthy breakfast menus. Especially if you have children, don’t offer them an endless list. Stick to one or two options that will provide them the necessary energy they need throughout the day and run with it each day of the work week. Save the weekends for special family breakfasts with bacon, French toast or whatever your preference may be.

4. Make the bed. It takes less than five minutes, and it is the most welcoming sight to come home to after a long day when all you have energy left for is the extra step to turn down the sheets. Click here to see see how to make a bed that is comfortable and inviting.

5. Pick up the house every night. After brushing your teeth, putting the dogs and/or kids to bed, cleaning up the kitchen, do a quick run-through of your house. Place anything left lying around in its designated spot – newspapers, toys, blankets, shoes, clothes, electronic devices, etc. This not only will same you time in the morning when you’re looking for anything in particular, but it will eliminate the time that potentially could have built up had you continually left everything out night after night. And who doesn’t want to wake up to a tidy home? There is something helpful and energetic about starting the day with one or two less chores to do.

6. Walk the dogs on a set schedule. Especially if you have a puppy, but regardless of how old your furry family member is, stick to a regular walking schedule. They will sleep better as will you.

7. Leave the bathroom clean. Whether you are the only one using your bathroom or you share it with others, make sure there is a home for toothbrushes, beauty supplies and styling tools. When you have finished your daily cleansing and beauty routine, return everything to its spot. And even better, wipe off the countertops with a disposable wipe. This will reduce bacteria and create an inviting environment for yourself and family as well as any guests that may stop by throughout the day.

8. Designate a place for incoming mail/bills/magazines/etc. What I’ve come to realize is that the most important business we all run is our own lives. Think about it. If we organize our lives well, we are happier, more content and less stressed; thus, the opportunity to be more productive and drive more income into our pockets. However, on the flip side if we are unorganized, frazzled and drained, we lose opportunities to be productive, thus lessening potential income. With this in mind, create a home office with an inbox that ensures you will deal with incoming mail in a timely manner. Click here for ideas on how to create a more productive office.

9. Charge electronic devices at night or at the same time each day. Knowing your phone is on its last legs and the lunch hasn’t even occurred yet is not a good situation to be in. Get into the habit of charging your phone, laptop, iPad and any other electronic devices at night or at a designated time to be certain that the technology you depend on to run your life effectively is charged and ready to go.

10. A regular beauty routine. There will always be special occasions when our beauty routines become a bit more elaborate, but for the regular work day, create a routine that is simple and leaves you looking and feeling your best. For example, moisturize your entire body, wash your face with a gentle cleanser (cetaphil for example), apply moisturizer, concealer, SPF tinted moisturizer, blush, a dash of eyebrow color, a simple neutral base to your eyelids, eyeliner, a bit of shadow and smudge-proof mascara (I swear by Bobbi Brown’s). Finish with some deodorant and your favorite perfume, and voila!