Tips to solve MCQ’s paper

There are many ways to attempt examination in our academic life. different trails have a different type to conduct the exams as per required. If we look by category, mainly we find four type of assessment they are:


Diagnostic Test:

As their name applies these tests are used to the beginning of the topic or unit to calculate the strength of the students exactly what they know and what they don’t know.


Formative Test:

This test provides the opportunity to students to show his / her learning during and after the lecture or calculate the outcomes of objectives.


Benchmark Test:

It shows that either the student has been the master of the unit or not.


Summative Test:

After the end of the course, this test is used to calculate that how much context student has been absorbed.


These all four type of test used multi-strategies to find out their desired outcomes. MCQs multi-choice questions are one of the best strategies to use for this purpose it is world wise used and useful for all types of paper.

As the name shows that there are multi answers for one question mostly the answers are near to the right one.


Meanwhile, if we look at the history of MCQ’S test E.L Thorndike developed an early scientific test for the students but later Benjamin wood an American educator, researcher and director professor at Colombia University did so. He was the pioneer in technologies and automated testing method. Wood created multiple choice questions to assert the undertaking level between students and the teacher.


Tip to Solve MCQ’S:


Yes, it is very tricky and interesting to solve an MCQs paper by using following given tips.


Follow the Instruction:

If you want to solve your MCQs paper successfully, first read the instruction carefully and follow them.


Accelerate Your Mind:

Now accelerate your mind and fix your focus on the question paper.


Divide The Time:

Divide the given time of the paper according to a number of questions.



Concentrate on the question, read the question at-least three times before attempting it.


Use Elimination Strategy:

Many times its happen that among the four options two or one are exactly not the answer to the question so eliminate that one and focus on remaining 2 or 3 options to make a perfect choice.


Use The Guessing Power:

When you stuck in any question bring all your knowledge recall but if you could not get the answer. Use the guessing power or the best possible answer.


Don’t Waste your Time:

If you are not clear for 1 question don’t waste your time move ahead may the rest of questions you can solve easily.

By using these guidelines, you can attempt your objective test quite fairly.