Why Education is important for Transgender

One basic area of student diversity that schools rarely acknowledge is gender. However, gender inclusive schools and classrooms welcoming all children are within any school community’s reach.

When someone with the authority of a teacher describes the world and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked into a mirror and saw nothing.
– Adrienne Rich.

There is a conflict and maybe a misunderstanding regarding these genders, there are following sections.

Transgender people usually label their sexual orientation using their gender as a reference. For example, a transgender woman, or a person who is assigned male at birth and transitions to female, and one who is attracted to other women/men would be identified as a lesbian or gay woman.

Transsexual are usually people who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.”

Intersex People who have intersex conditions have anatomy that is not considered typically male or female. Most people with intersex conditions come to medical attention because doctors or parents notice something unusual about their bodies.

People who identify as transgender or transsexual also face discrimination and deserve equality. We also believe that people with intersex conditions and folks who identify as transgender or transsexual can and should continue to work together on human rights issues; however, there are important differences to keep in mind so that both groups can work toward a better future.

This is about today’s perspectives, decades ago, it was same as today, judgement on gender, we were facing it for centuries, we’re unable to do anything, some faced as being a women, some are facing as being a transgender or some as homosexual, there are the things, we can’t even do a thing about, this is not in one’s hand to give a birth specifically or what they want. If we consider science here, it says the same, here chromosomal theory has also been applied just to give information to those parents who think they are responsible, and for those fathers who don’t like their lady to give a birth to a female gender, but they don’t even have idea about theory that they are so responsible for that because male have two chromosomes XY whereas female have only one XX. In fertilisation, it depends on male side that which chromosome is going to transfer. But today we are same as past decades, being judgemental is our favourite characteristic, let’s talk about the education of transgenders.

There must be a section of transgenders and for their education, this would give them an exposure to normal life, once the whole community gets educated and give favour to their country by their success in return, then what’s the point we feel bad about? It's for our country’s progress, the maximum people of the country will learn, this maximum becomes a power of that minimum who are different kinds of the list and have reasons for not achieving success or not able to learn, for example, those who born with disabilities.

One of the most important points raise here, as we see on roads, pathways, and on normal places, term used for them “BEGGARS”, many of us regularly meet transgenders as well in the list of beggars, if we allow them, and our education system allow them to study and work in same places where normal human being can, relationship between a normal human being and a transgender will also get improved, and so the ratio of begging.

Kalki Subramaniam is an activist, writer, poet, painter, entrepreneur and actor. From waging legal battles for the rights of the LGBT community to setting up a firm guaranteeing dignified jobs for 'her people,' Kalki is breaking barriers when it comes to chasing her dreams and does not let stigma from society hold her back. Kalki is currently gearing up to host her first art show in Trivandrum as we catch up with her. She talks about the need of the hour for her community, how political inclusion is the way forward and the many challenges she faces while advocating LGBT rights to an educated society.

It starts from home, from family acceptance. If there are transgenders today begging on the streets or doing sex work for a livelihood, it is because their families rejected them. The root cause of their pathetic lives is the rejection and stigma from their families. I am addressing this issue everywhere and doing my best to stop parents from rejecting their gender nonconforming children.

From here we starts the chain of being with them, and stand up for their education, if we do, we would be a successful citizens, and so our country, but this happens when we at least try to do help them, consider them as a HUMAN with feelings, and emotions, knowledge power, and IQ level, they have all, and most of the top characteristic is they are HUMAN, we should respect them, and provide them resources as much as we can to study, to work, and to live independently.


Our society needs to recognise the unstoppable momentum toward unequivocal civil equality for every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered citizen of this country.
-Zachary Quinto