Why you should choose Medical?

When a student started his education, he or she have no idea of what they would become, at some age, they start to get attracted towards some professional careers, some wanted to be an engineer, some maybe move forward to economics, some to accountings, and business management, some towards I.R, Media Sciences, and same as above some are so passionate about to be a Doctor.

In any field, career opportunities are so wide in range, but for a medical student, nowadays it becomes a clear mindset that there are only few fields that you can count on for future career in medical field, first of them is MEDICINE, next is PHARMACOLOGY, third DENTISTRY, and not last but the least DOCTOR OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS (DND). As we are living in a society where only these fields are known as respectable in medical line. But there are a lot of fields you can graduate in and become a pro, thousands of opportunities are hidden in those extra fields related to biology whether zoology or botany, for example, PHYSIOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY, ZOOLOGY, BOTANY, FORENSIC SCIENCE, PHYSICAL THERAPY (DPT), MARINE BIOLOGY, BIOCHEMISTRY, TAXONOMY, AGRICULTURE, and so on.

Why one should choose medical as a career?

Few industries over the past century have seen the kind of consistent increases in demand and job opportunities that healthcare has seen. If we were giving a short answer, demand could sum up why you should choose a career in the medical field. Today, the healthcare industry is poised for another big spike in demand, driven by several converging factors: longer human life spans, aging Baby Boomers, new legislation increasing access to care, and millions of healthcare professionals reaching retirement age.

Meanwhile, our educational institutions can’t produce new practitioners as quickly as necessary due to the high cost and complexities of educating healthcare professionals. As a result, a significant workforce shortage looms on the horizon in the healthcare industry.

I asked the same question to one of my very known doctor that whey she had to be in medical or what’s the purpose to be in if we talk about career?

She answered: I started off thinking I wanted to go into Medicine because of my interest in Science and my fascination with the way in which the human body functions. Now I think it runs deeper than that, when I was younger my Grandfather suffered from a heart attack, sadly he didn't survive. I think that this is ingrained in a part of me, I remember feeling so helpless, the ambulance took over an hour to get to us. My mum, dad and me (I was 10) went straight over, what I remember most specifically is that I was in the living room, on the phone to the 999 operator relaying instructions to my mum, who was in another room with my Granddad, who I think was unconscious at the time. I blamed myself for a long time, thinking that he might have lived if I had given the instructions more clearly. This experience has made me want to be involved in a caring profession. I see it as an opportunity to help prevent families going through a similar situation.

After, completing her talk about journey how she took step into medical field she stated that: ‘There are many other reasons that interest me, lifelong learning, the opportunity to teach and pass my skills onto others, but mostly, more than any other profession a true sense of being able to make a difference to the community.’

And what I believe, once you choose up the field any field regarding medical whether nutrition, physical therapy, medicine or so on, you can focus on the benefits of long and rewarding career in healthcare, including:

  • Job security
  • Flexibility from diverse work environments and patient types
  • High salaries and numerous opportunities for advancement
  • Multiple options for continuous learning or specialization
  • High degree of job satisfaction and the feeling of making a difference

As I mentioned above that, Whether you want to pursue a career as a nurse, a home health aide, a physical therapist, a dietitian, a medical office assistant, or something else, there has never been a better time to choose a career in healthcare. Contribute to the future of a dynamic industry while securing your own future and making an impact on the lives of those around you.

Most doctors would say that there is no greater joy than the one you feel when you manage to help a very sick patient or when you are part of a group of scientists who discover a new medicine for a certain disease. The ability to directly help the healing process is also a continuous challenge and sometimes it is not easy to cope with it. For this reason, your medical education will prepare you to handle the difficult moments and land on your feet in 99% of the cases. Ah! What a wonderful feel it is to be something who can be a guide pattern to others.