Why you should make Google your bestfriend

People from all over the world are now using google as their PINNED BROWSER. Google is one of the fastest and updated browsers until now and what I have experienced with this browser is an ultimate satisfaction of your wants. I can call my google browser a best friend because whatever I need to know I’ll go with this browser.

There are some good points in my view that why GOOGLE AS A BROWSER can be known as a BEST FRIEND.

96% correct result search:

Whenever I had a need to find something which I don't know, I used google as a searcher and almost 96% of results were correct.

Language translator:

I remember, when I was learning the French language and for that, I constantly needed the GOOGLE TRANSLATOR update. Which in my case has been the best translator for learning a new language. When you need to find meaning from English language to English or Urdu or in any other language you can use this translator bar.

Google map:

Google map is one of the greatest facility when it comes to safety or when you have to reach somewhere and you don't have any idea about your destination.

Fastest browser:

It is one of the fastest browsers as I have already said in my opening paragraph. It has the great search records with the fastest availability of connections.

Google extensions:

Google extensions can be defined as a 'storage thing' for instance; you found a webpage, image, or quote that you want to save for later? You would do it with the Google Keep Chrome Extension which easily can save the things you care about and want to keep them for later purpose.

Secure bookmarks:

Bookmarks can play the role as a time saver like a good friend. Google bookmarks can save things you want to save for regular use.

Saving of tabs:

Saving of tabs can be defined as a 'continuation of work.' For instance; you are working right now and there is an emergency,but as you know once you shut your laptop down all the RAM work will get vanished and you can't afford to do that as you have searched a lot for your research work. So, here you can simply do one thing with your settings and that is; go to your settings, read the instructions, change the settings as you like and enjoy the feedback.