Why you should turn off facebook during preparation

The best way to avoid distraction is to not study continuously for long duration. Give yourself some time to breathe. Go out watch movie, participate in few discussions with friends or people having similar interest like you. Secondly, meditate for a while every day. Meditation helps get you in mindful state and makes you more focused.

It is very important to understand the distractions coming in between your preparation while studying for exams. Now a day’s it's very essential to connect yourself to social media and difficult to force yourself to stay away from these social sites. During exams it is important to stay away from the social apps and to set aside your electronic devices for the time held for your preparation.

The distractions can be a major hurdle to your success. So during your preparation it’s necessary to make daily goals and proper plans for your whole day. Switch off the internet instead if you are not using it to study. It’s highly recommended that before you start your preparation you should make do to do lists, time planning and struggle is needed.

I’m not going to leave you into dilemma, because after a while you might want to reactivate Facebook account and since your account is deactivated, you will be completely lost. As I mentioned above, by the end of the day it’s up to you and your will, how you use your time for productivity and preparation. Networking is productive, but instead of using Facebook use direct messages for instant and quality conversation for networking.

You might intend to use your computer for work, but you can easily find yourself on Facebook or YouTube instead. (You know what I mean. Don’t trust yourself to resist that temptation. Turn off your Internet access before you begin your study session.

If you need to access certain online resources, then download all of the necessary information at the start of your session before you turn off your Internet access. The Internet is tool that has the power to both entertain and educate. By turning off your Internet access when it’s time to focus, you’re harnessing the power of the Internet effectively.

I suggest you to keep a track of time you are wasting on Facebook and make your mind. Specially, if you are a Facebook addict, I recommend you to deactivate Facebook account for some time and see what difference it makes. Being allergic to Facebook is very bad, so buckle up and lace up your ties to start preparing for upcoming exam and leave social sites for some time by deactivating it.