HEC - ETC - HAT - UG - Entry Test

HEC Entry Test is the country first government testing body for under graduates established by Higher Education Commission (HEC) viz. Education Testing Council (ETC) will continue graded tests for entry to universities from fall 2017. The ETC aims at instituting uniform, convenient, ambitious estimate base for entries to Higher Education Institutions as part of the Senate strategy of people first and fair development. The test will be free of cost for all students involved in taking testimonies in public and private sector universities. The test will be valid for two years.

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MR. Raza Khan

NUST University

Honestly telling u, i m happy to find out this online site 4 further preps. I hv improved much.”

MR. Usama Khokher

NUST University

Very impressive site for testing yourself”

MR. Jawad Shah

NUST University

had a great learning experience from that ! it is very useful”