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To be the preeminent College of Pharmacy where leaders in practice, education, and research are developed and nurtured in order to build pharmacists proficient in their knowledge of medicines who are capable for using this knowledge and can meet professio

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Pharmacy is a lifesaving health profession. Significant changes in the national healthcare systems worldwide have also fuelled critical review for ensuring that the services provided in a modern healthcare system are of appropriate quality. This concept has totally revolutionized the service providing approach of the Pharmacy profession which has developed into a multi-disciplinary high quality practice internationally.

The development of potent synthetic drugs has substantially shifted the responsibility of Pharmacists towards appropriate use of modern medicines so as to ensure optimum drug therapy and protecting the public from associated adverse reactions. It is therefore necessary to prepare and groom pharmacists who believe firmly in the philosophy of pharmacy, are prepared to accept the professional and moral responsibility and are ready to be accountable for the actions they have taken.

The College of Pharmacy was established in the Government College University, Faisalabad in the year 2005. It was upgraded to College of Pharmacy in 2010 and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2014. The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is offering a five year Pharm.D and M.Phil Pharmacy (Specialization in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics) degree programs.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences consists of the following departments

  1. Department of Pharmacology

  2. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  3. Department of Pharmacy Practice

  4. Department of Pharmaceutics

  5. Department of Pharmacognosy