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Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture, University Rawalpindi's mission is to contribute to society, specifically to corporate sector, by producing innovative and creative individuals through quality education and research regarding management sciences

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Pakistan is predominantly an agricultural country. However, since its independence in 1947, emphasis has been on irrigated agriculture, while the dryland / arid agriculture remained neglected. With rapid increase in population the irrigated areas failed to provide food requirements and it became imperative to find out ways to make use of the huge part of culturable land in the rainfed region. In the 1970s, the Government of Pakistan constituted a Barani Commission to review and recommend measures for the development of rainfed agriculture and uplift of the poor masses through education, research, and development of technology and manpower.

Pursuant to the recommendations of the Barani Commission, the Government of Punjab established Barani Agricultural College, Rawalpindi which was later upgraded to the level of the University in 1994. The mandate of the University is to produce high-quality agricultural scientists and to form an organized scientific infrastructure for teaching and research for the development of dryland regions of the country, thus minimizing the income gap between the rich and poor and irrigated & arid areas.



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University Institute of Information Technology

University Institute of Management Sciences

University Institute of Management Sciences was established in 1996. Being a business school it is offering various undergraduate, postgraduate programs of management sciences like BBA, MBA, MS and Ph.D. programs. During this period the institute has contributed a lot to corporate sector as well as to society. This business school is one of the pioneering schools of this region. Thousands of graduates produced by this school are serving in various capacities in prestigious organizations. Many are working in top management of various companies earning repute for the institute.


Three specializations namely Marketing, Finance and HRM are being offered to impart specific business related skills in students.


Although agriculture sector is backbone of Pakistan's economy yet because of various management and marketing problems this sector is not performing well. By realizing this fact MBA Agribusiness has been introduced at UIMS. This will remain a focus area for the institute.


To maintain this success UIMS is continuously engaged in providing an excellent blend of faculty from academia as well as from industry because we believe in excellence in business education.