University of Balochistan, Quetta

Functioning as a student-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness.

  • University of Balochistan, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
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Current Faculties & Academic Programs


1. Faculty of Management Science, Business and Information

a. Commerce

b. IMS

c. Economics

d. Computer Science

e. Library and Information Science


2. Faculty of Social Science

a. Pol. Science

b. Sociality

c. Social work

d. IR

e. Law

f. Pakistan Studies

g. Balochcistan Studies

h. Disaster Management


3. Faculty of Education & Humanities

a. Media & Journalism

b. Gender Studies

c. History

d. Philosophy

e. Psychology

f. Fine Arts

g. Islamic Studies

h. Area studies center


4. Faculty of Literature & Language

a. Pashto

b. Brahvi

c. Balochi

d. Persian

e. English Language

f. English Literature

g. Urdu Literature


5. Faculty of Basic Science

a. Physics

b. Chemistry

c. Mathematics

d. Statistics


6. Faculty of Earth & Environment

a. Geology

b. Geography

c. Environmental Science

d. Center of Excellence Mineralogy science


7. Faculty of life Sciences

a. Bio - Chemistry

b. Botany

c. Zoology

d. Pharmacy

e. Micro biology