University of the Punjab, Lahore

The University of the Punjab or Punjab University, is a public research university.

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It is the oldest public university in Pakistan.[1] With multiple campuses in Gujranwala, Jhelum, and Khanspur, the university was formally established by the British Government after convening the first meeting for establishing higher education institutions in October 1882 at Simla.[3] The Punjab University was the fourth university to be established by the British colonial authorities in the indian subcontinent; the first three universities were established in other parts of British India.[4][5]

Approximately 30,000[1] enrolled students are currently attending the university, the PU has total of 13 faculties within which there are 63 academic departments, research centers, and institutes.[1] The Punjab University has ranked first amongst large-sized multiple faculty universities by the HEC in 2012.[6] There are also two Nobel Laureates amongst the university's alumni and former staff.[1]Additionally, the university is also a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom.[7]



There are 13 faculties in the University with 10 constituent colleges, over 73 departments, centres, and institutes. It has over 808 permanent faculty members involved in teaching/research and over 36,000 on campus students.:[14]